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Robert Galaher Fort Lewis Washington

Robert Galaher Fort Lewis

Robert Galaher & Leon Goodman Fort Lewis

Robert Galaher, Leon Goodman Fort Lewis

Platoon Duty Rooster Fort Lewis

Harry C. Walsh

Postscript to letter dated November 0, 1998

Following typing the accompanying letter, I drew from my 'archive file' several papers relating to the life and the times dating to Fort Lewis, Mt. Rainier and Camp Hale. The copies are for your disposition. The originals are with the Denver Museum, the depository for a vast collection of 10th Mountais Division memorbilila of all sorts;visit this collection for a most interesting education on the Division.

In pulling items from my archive file, I happened upon a crudely drafted 'Platoon Duty Roster' undated but likely dated about Spring 1942, Fort Lewis. Bob Galaher drew sweeping duty and latrine (bathrooms) clean-up duty on the days indicated. The form and spelling as seen on the duty schedule belongs to me - a lousy presentiation. My penmanship was poor. I carried a typewriter during the service while in garrison.

Another item from the file is dated January 7, 1942 is addressed to the Company Commander (Capain Erickson at the time) calling upon me for recommendations for troop promotions. Note, I have recommended Pvt. Galaher be promoted to Corporal (two stripes) skipping over the designation of PFC (Private 1st class). Obviously I was impressed with Bob Galaher as a soldier.

The above memo relating to promotions dated January 1942 tells me that I must have been a three strip, buck sargeant to have been called upon to give recommendations within A-87th. I was drafted into the service in early June, 1941 at which time I was a private, a buck private after six months... and in January 1942 a three stripe buck sergeantc advising the company commander on promotions??? Promotions came fast and easy in those days.

The following schedule is a Platoon Duty Rooster covering the policing of the latrine and squad room. In the appropriate spaces there will be reflected daily, as designated by the barking of the platoon sergeant only, the men assigned to platoon duty, and the type of work intended, as indicated by the symbols "L" (latrine detail) and "S" (squad room detail).

Name Day of the Month
   4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12
Walsh   S         L    
Running L         L      
Wigdahl L               S
Uptown     S   S        
Harms L         L      
Hoyt   L       S L    
Gorman     L     L S    
Jonas         L        
Helming   L       L      
Galson   L             S
Goodman   S         L    
Soderlund         L        
McKay       L     S    
Brassard     L     L S    
Sulley     L     L      
Lehman     S     S      
Wilson         S        
Prusia       L       S  
Hamilton       L          
James       S       S  
Whittemore       L     L    
Feuer         S        
Kelly G.E.         L   S    

The squad room detail will sweep and mop the corridor and stairs after breakfast. In sweeping the main corridor the dirt piels at the head of each individual aisleway wil be picked up by this detail, and the platoon waste receptacle will be properly emptied and washed, if necessary. The same sweeping job will be repeated after the noonday dinner.

The latrine detail will thoroughly police the latrine, and will remain on duty until released by a n.c.o.

Also see Promotions for a document from Fort Lewis.

Courtesy of Harry C. Walsh

Tacoma Times on Friday, Febuary 13th


The War Department in Washington D.C., for the first time announced Friday that ski and mountain troops of the 1st Reinforced Battalion, 87th Mountain Infantry, are being trained at Paradise Valley, Mount Rainier.

The battalion was formed last fall at Fort Lewis. Originally it was announced the battalion would be moved to Montana for training; then those orders were cancelled and it was not until Friday that it was officially announced where the troops were being taught their special, difficult techniques.

The war department said that sections of the national park had been taken over temporarily by the army under an agreement with the National Park Service.s

Ski troops will have the use of ski tows at Paradise Valley on week days, but the usual weekend skiers -- more numerous than ever this year -- will be welcome.

The army troops are quartered at Tatoosh Club dormitory and Paradise Lodge, leaving the Guide House dorm, Sluoskin dorm, the new government-built dorm and Paradise Inn for accommedations of civilian skiers.

Since the battalion was formed, army units in all sections of the country have been sending crack skiers to Fort Lewis. The battalion today numbers among it's personnel some of the finest skiers in the world, many of them with European backgrounds.

Robert Galaher (Mt. Rainier?)

Robert Galaher (Mt Rainier?)

87th Regiment Mt. Rainier

87th Mountain Regiment at Mt Rainier. Most likely Robert Galaher is in this photo

Troops transfering from Fort Lewis to Mt Rainier for trainingFebuary 10, 1942


1. The following uniform and equipment will be worn by each individual:

Knife, ski
Ski cap
Identification tags
Cotton underwear
Shirt W.C.D.
Sweater, sleeveless
Parka ski
Trousers, ski, wool
Mittens, wool and leather
Boots, ski
Socks, wool, heavy--2 sets
Socks, wool, rag, red top
Gaiters, ski
Rifel belt
Gas mask

Rucksack will be worn and will contain the following:

1 Shelter half
Meat can, knife, fork, spoon
Canteen, cup and cover
Goggles, ski
First aid packet
Climers, skiohair
Ski cork
Ski wax
Helmet steel
Muffler, WOD
1 fatique suit

Overcoat will be worn

2. The following clothing and equipment will be carried in a barrack bag. Barrack bags will be loaded on trucks spotted at Company at 4:30 A.M.

2 suits woolen underwear
4 suits cotton underwear
1 pair shoes, G.I.
6 socks, light wool
1 shirt, WOD
1 blouse
1 shoe pacs, pair
1 overshoe, pair

1 pair slacks, WOD
Toilet articles
1 pair leggings
1 fatique suit
1 cravat
1 filed jacket
1 rain coat

3. The following will be rolled up in sleeping bags and will be loaded on trucks spotted at company at 4:30 A.M. thursday

Sleeping bag
4 sheets
4 blankets

4. Skies and ski poles will be loaded on Company baggage trucks.