Grand Sasso Italy

By the time the men of the 2662 American Special Mountain Training Detachment found themselves at Grand Sasso the war was almost over. From Grand Sasso they went to l'Aquila and by this time some had already started off for the states or other assignments.

corno grande (vetta occidentale). Photo from Jack Kappler's copy of the 1943 GUIDA DEI MONTI D'ITALIA - GRAND SASSO D'ITALIA

the Grand Sasso Hotel, probably most famous for being where the German's mounted a daring raid that extracted Mussolini from his mountain captivity, lies at 9000 feet. When the 2662 detachment arrived at Grand Sasso the gliders were still there, though somewhat picked over for souvenirs.

Jack Kappler and Bob Galaher also climbed Corno Piccolo and Jack recalled with a smile that one part of climb found them at an impasse and so Jack actually stood on Bob's head in order to be able to reach high enough to get to the next hand hold. He also recalled a boulder stuck in the chimney they were climbing, that presented a little difficulty in getting around. Jack showed Matthew Galaher the route they took in the photo below. Both the following photos are from the GUIDA DEI MONTI D'ITALIA

Corno Piccolo E Sella Dei Due Corni

Bob and Jack's route up Corno Piccolo, parete E.

"We had a two week break and spent most of it in the Grand Sasso area. Lots of good climbing rock. I especially enjoyed one climb with Bob on Corno Piccolo with lots of exposure. It was my best climb ever."

Wende Broomhall

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Robert and Wende Summit Corno Piccolo