Facts and Footnotes

Facts and footnotes

What follows are some interesting facts and opinions I came across while trying to find out more about my father's service in the 10th. Because he left for Italy on 24 DEC 1943 his experience as part of the 10th was somewhat unique. He did not participate in the D-Series or Riva Ridge for example, but spent much more time in the European Theater.

  • The 10th had more college graduates, more college athletes, more men from moneyed families, and more world-class athletes then any division in world history.§
  • Many military historians think that the D-Series may have been the toughest training any unit ever endured.§
  • Most of the Officers could not ski. Those enlisted men who could ski steadfastly refused commissions and promotions, because junior officers all too often got transferred out of the ski troops.§
  • The 10th's astonishing casualty rate was indeed the highest suffered by any American unit of comparable size in World War II. In a mere 114 days of fighting 992 men were killed and 4,154 wounded. No other division trained for so long, fought so briefly, suffered such heavy losses.§
  • Please note: This site is about the 10th Mountain Division and is in no way meant to disparage other groups who's histories not included here.

Robert Galaher was an avid skier before and after the war. The Bob Galaher Ski History site can be found here.

1946 U.S. Army Ski Team

Areas where the 1946 U.S. Ski Team trained and competed

Zermatt Switzerland
Andermatt Switzerland
Chamoix France
Salzbury, Austria Zell am See
Zell am See
Zell am See
Garmisch 1946. Click image to show ski jump today
Cortina Italy

Sepino Italy

Where Robert taught mountain warfare skills with a group attached to the British Mountain School.

Sepnio, Italy. See the R. Galaher page to compare this with a photo taken from almost exactly the same spot over fifty five years ago.
Sepino Italy

Grand Sasso Range

Where Robert spent time skiing and climbing while the mountain warfare school was being moved to Terminillo.

Corno Piccolo, summited by Robert Galaher and Wende Broomhall. View of north face
Corno Piccolo, summited by Robert Galaher and Wende Broomhall. View of east face

Terminillo Italy

Where Robert taught mountain warfare skills with the U.S. Army. Built by Mussolini, Terminillo is a resort town Approximately 80 Km Northeast of Rome, and still a popular ski resort, and site of international ski events.

Terminillo Today

Some books I read while putting this page together:

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  • U.S. Skiing and the Men of the 10th Mountain Division: They made it happen! -- Richard Wilson
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  • Fatal Decision: Anzio and the Battle for Rome. -- Carlo D'Este
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§ Wolf, Tom. "Ice Crusaders" Roberts Rinehart Publishers.

Seneca Rocks story used with permission from John Markwell
Special thanks to my sister Eliza for all the research she shared, and all the other folks who have helped.