Cornelia Cook Menefee France 1918: Junior League

Cornelia Cook Menefee Junior League YMCA Service France 1918

Cornelia Cook Menefee

In 1980 this photo was published on the cover of the Junior League's Cascades cover with the note: "In remembering our Seventy Significant Years, our cover photo shows Miss Cornelia Cook pictured in Nice, France, in 1917, where she did canteen work during World War 1. As a Junior Leaguer from Portland, Oregon, she went to France to "Dance with the Boys." Miss Cook, later Mrs. Menefee, is our only living Charter member"

At the end of World War I, Cornelia and other young women went to Nice in France. They helped entertain soldiers who were waiting to be sent home to the states. Later she returned to Portland where she joined the Junior League and became it's second president. Note that many of the photos on this page can be clicked on to view a larger version and/or reveal further information.

captions are from scrap book

National War Work Council Certificate of Identification

12 Rue d'Aguesseau, Paris France

The Canteen in Nice

The Canteen in Nice

The Food Canteen

At the Barracks

At the Barracks

Funeral Duty

Nice today

At the front

Ruins of Rheims cathedral

Rheims cathedral war damage

At the front lines

Knocked out gun

Officers, soldiers, civilian friends



In the garden

Mac and myself

Ann Cornwell and myself

Ann, myself Helen

Cornwell and Gang

When the Navy came to Nice

The same gang and the same good times


Cornwell, myself & Peg

Peg, Unidentified & Cornelia

Walter Cornwell