Robert Galaher Art

Robert Galaher the artist 1919 - 1974

About the artist

Robert Brisbane Galaher was born in North Andover Massachusetts on November 14, 1919. He grew up skiing and climbing, spending time in New Hampshire in the area around Mt. Washington.

When the United States entered the second world war, Robert joined the then fledgling 10th Mountain Division where he was later assigned to a group of 20 elite instructors who flew to Italy in December 1943 were they were attached to the British Mountain Warfare School in Italy.

Upon returning from Europe in 1946 he enrolled in studies at the Portland Art Museum (now called the Museum School) on the G.I. bill. He was a close friend and admirer of C.S. Price and Charles Haney. He also admired Amanda Snyder, (Who did his and his daughter's portrait), A. C. Runquist. xxx Barnes, Carl Morris, Elton Bennett. Among his instructors which included Mike Russo, was also Douglas Lynch who became a close friend and mutual admirerar of C.S. Price.

Robert spoke German and he spent part of studies in Zürich, where he met the Swiss illustrator Alois Carigiet.

While drawn to C.S. Price, Charles Haney, and Amanda Snyder, his own style does not bear a strong resemblance to Price and those influenced by him.

Robert's war time experiences weighed heavily on him and this was expressed in his art. This is especially true with his lithographs which utilize vast amounts of black that, along with it's stone texture, as a medium lends an austere and melancholy air. While his art generally abstains from the depiction of the implements of warfare and the portrail of it's affliction on it's victims, such as used by Otto Dix, two exceptions are 'KZ' (The German abbreviation for Concentration Camp: Konzentrationslager), and 'Bystander' which depicts a middle aged european woman (accidentally) shot in the street. His art, not surprisingly, is filled with the Mountain-scapes he skied and climbed, as well as themes of Mothers and children in war-damaged village and city-scapes that he expirienced.


University of Oregon's Museum of Art

Robert Galaher is mentioned on University of Oregon's Museum of Art Website as an artist who was close to C.S. Price. This also features quotes from his notes on Price.

The Portland Art Museum

Works owned by the Portland Art Museum.

Galaher, Robert (b. Nov 14, 1919 - d April 25, 1974) - American (Oregon)
Portland Art Museum Collection

Landscape with Figures - lithograph
no. 49.25
Pratt Fund

KZ - lithograph
no. 50.176
Purchased from a fund contributed by Mrs John W Blodgett, Jr

Girl With Basket #4 - lithograph
no. 69.7
Gift of Mak W. Buhmann

Fish - lithograph
no. 83.39.10
(done in collaberation with Charles Heaney) Ellis beq.

The Sound - lithograph
no. 85.87.26
Gift of Mony Dimitre

Children Playing - lithograph
no. 87.14.4
(n.d.) Gift of S. Moment

Oregon Painters The First Hundred Years (1859- 1959)

Oregon Painters The First Hundred Years (1859- 1959)
Index and Biographical Dictonary
has the following entry:

Galaher, Bob
b, 1919 North Andover, MA d.
Education: Museum art School (46 - 50); Zurich
Membership: artist equity; Portland Art Museum (Artists Membership)
Awards: Library of Congress
Exhibits: Portland Art Museum; Harvey Welch Gallery (1950); Eugene (1951) Library of Congress
References: OET; A3 (1953,56)
Media: Oil, Prints

Bob Galaher trained at the Museum Art School and continued his studies in Zurich. He, Rick Norwood, and Gerge Johanson were selected to represent Oregon in a national traveling show of outstanding students artists of 1949. In his later years, Galaher concrentrated on prints. He knew and admired C.S. Price